Immersive Perfomance

Nancy began with immersive performance before they even realised they were doing it. Since performing and gogo dancing more often in club spaces these immersive performances have become more intentional. Camp Dad and Shirley are comfortable on stage, yet bog and ZOG are characters which demand immersive performance and encourage an performative environment.

Nancy has made immersive performances for Lunchbox Candy, GEGEN, Buttons, Monster Ronsons. In 2023 Nancy curated the immersive performance programme for Whole Festival.

Nancy is also a gogo dancer and has danced at HOMOBLOCK in Manchester, Torture Garden Berlin, and is the regular gogo girl at POPPERS

Being is doing and when we do it we act, so we're always acting.

The whole world's a stage.

But are we acting?

Or are we just reacting?

Are we actually going to enact something?