Nancy┬┤s four named Drag alter-egos are ways of speaking about four points on a spectrum. The spectrum expands horizontally along binary gender. The masculine side extends toward Camp Dad, the feminine side towards Shirley Knott. Vertically the spectrum reaches downward to the earth, and upward to the heavens. Down to bog, up to ZOG.

However there is another axis in this spectrum which reaches forward and backward. Forward explodes into queerness, into that which disrupts the symbolic sphere, which ruptures reality and subverts meaning. Backward, it recedes, it is passing, passing under the radar. I would argue that generally drag as an artistic practice pushes forward, it resignifies, expands horizons. Each of my 4 primary drag characters push forward. Yet there are also characters which push further, to the obscene. Grotesque and disturbing. Such as my above pictures anthropomorphic bovine ungulate mammal. My femme gimp character also tends to this direction.

I am also exploring channeling other personalities to expand the horizons of my being. At Poppers Freddie Mercury Wet Dream in 2023 i spent over 6 hours impersonative Freddie Mercury. I channeled Lily Savage to create my loud mouthed no nonsense queen Pam Samwich. Tucker P Winkle from the southern states of the U S of A was created for an immersive performance in the pissoir at Club Dyke.

All the while I am finding more confidence and enjoyment performing as Nancy, that character who, at the centre of the web, can access all of the others .