Shirley Knott, Drag Queen, has a heart even bigger than her tits. She's an internationally acclaimed cabaret singer, hostess, burlesque dancer, and entertainer. Dame Shirley Knott made her artistic debut with her 2021 BAFTA award winning feature length film- Shirley Knott: Another Drag Show. Since then she has been performing on and off screen, in Berlin and across Europe. Along with classically trained pianist, Madame Eve, Ms Knott hosts An Evening With the Dames, a sing song piano bar sing along at Tipsy Bear, Zum Starken August, and Soho House.

Shirley Knott & Buba Sababa Paris 2023

Shirley Knott - Another Drag Show (2021)

Let Shirley Knott, the hottest new Queen in the virtual stadt, take you on a trip around Berlin's favourite drag spots. This video essay will spill the tea on the heteronormative problem, the politics of drag, and the art of being queer. An argument against tired re-presentation, the restraints of history, and toward the performative construction of meaning, a new gendered imagining.