Tranarchy is a drag dance party aboout celebration, variety, and queerness. The name TRANARCHY was inherited from a party in Manchester. The first Berlin Tranarchy happened 02.06.22 at Renate to celebrate the 3 year anniversary of Venus Boys. The party happened again in October 2022 to celebrate the closing of go drag! international drag festival celebrating women, trans, and non-binary artists. In 2023 TRANARCHY came to Whole Festival with a 3 day lineup of immersive performances featuring Buba Sababa, Senorita Toyota Corolla, Mari Corolla, Ezekiel Monjes, Gertrude Schmixon, Lawunda Richardson, Riley Davidson, BLEACH, and Nancy Nutter,


The gender binary violently assigns gender at birth. You don't need to go along with this. Be transgressive, transformational, translate. Lets make our own genders. This is TRANARCHY.


Fuck the cistem, pick your own gender. Be true to yourself but be daring, be challenging, be wild. The event is not trans/queer only, but you will need to present in a way that punks gender in some way to enter. It is not necessarily a costume party but an element of dressing up is required to fit in. Come in DRAG- DRessed As Gender. You don't need lashes and wigs to be in drag. Drag can be as subtle or extravagant as you want it to be. The difference is intention. Don't blindly follow the normative script, intentionally dress yourself, decorate your corpse, transmit your being.