Nancy has been creating short format cabaret numbers since 2019. In this time they have devised over 60 numbers. Below is a list of each of these performances in order of creation, with the musican, and where the act has been performed.

Lipsync . Live Singing . Clowning . Burlesque . Strip . Fire


All I Want For Chriustmas is Shoes (2023). Live, Originally by Mariah Carey, Naughty Market.

Dreaming of a Vegan Christmas (2023). Live, originally by Bing Crosby, Naughty Xmas Market

I Wanna be Yours (2023) Arctic Monkeys. NANArchie Paris, Cabaret Saccage Paris.

Spooky (2023). Live, Originally by Dusty Springfield, Bottoms Up Brunch, Tipsy Bear Haloween Ball.

I Wanna Be Evil (2023). Live, Originally by Eartha Kitt, Bottoms Up Brunch, Tipsy Bear Haloween Ball.

Let’s Turn it On (2023) Freddie Mercury. POPPERS Freddie Mercury Wet Dream.

Satisfaction (2023) Live, Originally by The Rolling Stones, Bottoms Up Brunch.

Sexy Cannibal Pigs (2023) Deceptacon. Le Tigre and excerpt from Pink Flamingoes. With Riley Davidson. Lunchbox Candy.

Wanna me (2023) Wannabe. The Spice Girls. Pride Poppers and Sexmachine. Lunchbox Candy. Naughty Market. Cabaret Saccage.

Sinatra Tryptich (2023) |Thats Life, New York, Frank Sinatra; These Boots, Nancy Sinatra. Fusion Festival Lunacy's Love Hole. Bottoms Up Brunch

Deliveroo Burlesque (2023) Hot Chocolate. House of Sexmachine at Schwuz

Toxic Piggy (2023) Britney Spears & Ginuwine. House of Bodily Fluids at Tipsy Bear. Naughty Market.

Oops I’m Bringing Sexy Back (2023) Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake. Lunchbox Candy

Raus Mit Den Cissen (2023) Orignially Raus Mit Den Männern aus Dem Reichstag by Claire Waldoff, rewritten by Ruco LaPesto, Performed with Mojo and David Hoyle. Sissy Smut. Volksbühne

I Will Always Love You (2023) Whitney Houston. Mischief Cabaret in Manchester, House of Bodily Fluids at Tipsy Bear.

Boots for Walking (2023) Nancy Sinatra. Titi Palacio in Pari.

Bog’s Jam (2023) Technotronic. Lunchbox Candy

Bog Loves Mambo (2023) Perry Como. Tipsy Bear Anniversary.

I Need Money (2023) The Flying Lizards & Barret Strong. Poppers at Monster Ronsons, Titi Palacio in Paris, Mischief Cabaret in Manchester.

Bog Ballet (2022) Johann Strauss- The Blue Danube Waltz. Buttons.

Sissy That Walk (2022) Ru Paul. Poppers on Pride at Monster Ronsons.

Knifey (2022) Amyl and the Snifflers. Venus Boys at Silver Future, Tuntenhaus Exhibition 2023, Poppers at Monster Ronsons 2023.

Let Me Entertain You (2022) Robbie Williams. Venus Boys at Silver Future

Liberated woMAN (2022) Jobriath- I’m a Man & Millie Jackson - We Got to Hit It Off. Magic Dyke at Klunkerkranich

Nothing Compares 2 U (2022) Prince. Konig Anniversary 3 Years, Chiqui at Soho 2023, Hive Tea at Klunkerkranich 2023.

Firestarter (2022) Comedy and Tragedy at Tipsy Bear.

Filthy Gorgeous (2022) Scissor Sisters. Lunchbox Candy.

Sex on Fire (2022) Kings of Leon. Schweinhaus at Tipsy Bear

Joeys Fetish (2022) Lovur. Schweinhaus at Tipsy Bear

Sexual Distortion (2022) Midas 104. With Alice Lynx. Poppers at Monster Ronsons

Boys Like U (2022) Zand. Poppers at Monster Ronsons.

Ill Manors (2022) Plan B. Poppers at Monster Ronsons, Kunst Kabarett Manchester.

Sexy Thing (2022) Hot Chocolate. Pins And Needles at Zum Starken August, On Drag.

That’s Life (2022) Frank Sinatra. Dragaholic Allstars at Tipsy Bear

Fuck U Like an Animal (2021). NIN. Mondo Bizarro at Alte Munze, Hive Tea Online, Gore at Tipsy Bear.

You Can Leave Your Hat On (2021) Joe Cocker. With Buba Sababa, Festive Boys Online, Konig 2022, Kunst Kabarett 2023

Bad Reputation (2021) Joan Jett. Venus Boys Kabaret at Monster Ronsons

Non Binary Femme (2021) Planningtorock. Venus Boys Kabaret at Monster Ronsons

Don’t Need Ur Touch (2021) Shirley Bassey. Venus Boys Kabaret at Monster Ronsons, Schweinhaus at Tipsy Bear

Fix My DIck (2021) Christeene. Venus Boys Kabaret at Monster Ronsons, Schweinhaus at Tipsy Bear

Act up Manifesto (2021) Festiwalla

Camp Dad and Bleach’s Late Night Berlin TV Talk Show (2021) Monster Ronsons.

Model Village (2021) Idles. Schwuz online, Silver Future 3 Year Anniversary 2022, Kings Barcelona 2023, Alberts Schloss Tour 2023, Kill the King 2023.

SOS (2021) WIth Buba Sababa. Tipsy Boys Online.

The Camp Dad and Bleach Tour (2021) Various. Berlin, Manchester, London, Stockholm

Simpsons Burlesque (2021) Venus Boys Online at Silver Future, Bridge Markland Queens & Kings.

A Flower Is Born (2021) Millie Ripperton. Venus Boys 2 year Anniversary.

Pretender (2021) Foo Fighters. Venus Boys 2 year Anniversary.

The Greatest Love (2021) Whitney Houston & Spoken Word. Online, Kunst Kabarett.

Tomorrow (2021) Annie. Bridge Markland Queens & Kings, Sissy Smut at Volksbuhne 2023

Shirley Knott - Another Drag Show (2021) Various. Online

You Got The Love (2021) Florence and the Machine. With Bleach at House of Lunacy

The Camp Dad and Bleach Picture Show (2021) Various. Online

This Is Not Wonderland (2020) Overmorrow Takeover from Venus Boys.

Tramp The Dirt Down (2020) Elvis Costello. Bollocks to Brexit.

Dead or Alive (2020) Bon Jovi. The Peepshow, Papi Pistola’s Car Crash Show 2023

Camp Chap (2020) Hot Chip. Giezas Pokehouse Online, Mainz Film Festival.

The Camp Dad and Bleach Show- A Tale of Heterosexual Desire (2020) Various. West Germany

Santa Baby (2019) Camp Dad. Venus Boys at Silver Future. Naughty Markey 2023.

Brexit Wonderland (2019) Camp Dad. Venus Boys at Silver Future

Frankenstein (2019) Anohni. Mx Kotti Pageant, Kunst Cabaret in Manchester, Creatures of Catharsis in Mancheser.

I Was Dancing in a Lesbian Bar (2019) Jonathan RIchman. Lesbeyond at Schwuz, Tipsy Boys with Buba Sababa 2020, Candy Darling with Buba Sababa Barcelona 2023

Venus De Mercury (2019) Queen. Venus Boys Tribute to Freddie at Schwuz.

Take Ur Mamma Out (2019) Scissor Sisters. Venus Boys at Silver Future,

Smooth (2019) Santana. With Buba Sababa. Venus Boys at Silver Future

The Tale of a Tranny Called Tomi (2019) T Rex- Cosmic Dancer. Venus Boys at Silver Future, UDK

Clown Burlesque (2019) Louis Prima. The Other Lab, Kunst Kabarett Manchester, Tipsy Boys 2020, Pins and Needles at Zum Starken August 2022.

Born to be Wild (2019) Steppenwolf. Venus Boys at Silver Future, GAY SHAME.

I Wanna Know What Love Is (2019) Foreigner. Venus Boys at Silver Future, GAY SHAME, Lips at Monster Ronsons 2022.

Raining Men (2019) Singin in the Rain, It's Raining Men. Stockwig Drag Festival, Venus Boys at Silver Future, The Peep Show 2020, Lunchbox Candy 2022.

What Have I Done (2019) Les Miserables. Venus Boys at Silver Future

Camp Dandy (2019) Pure Imagination from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Beethoven, Yes Sir I Can Boogie, Mad World. Whole Festival

My Generation (2019) The Who, Venus Boys at Silver Future, Lipstick and Lachs at Tipsy Bear.

I Want to Break Free (2019) Queen, Venus Boys at Silver Future

Iron Sky (2019) Paolo Nutini, Bollocks to Brexit at Monster Ronsons

Temptation (2019) Prince, Plastic at Schwuz, Jagermeister Event, Demons Show at TIpsy Bear 2022, Kings International Drag King Revolution in Barcelona 2023.

Women's Day Triptych (2019) Planningtorock - Human Drama, Yazoo- Don’t Go, The Knife - Pass This On, Salon 8 Marz at West Germany

I’m a Man (2018) Pansy Division & Jordan Peterson- voice excerpts, Tell Mamma at Zum Schmuzigen Hobby, Tipsy Boys 2021

Grapevine (2018) I Heard it Through the Grapevine - The Slits, Dragaholic Graduation at Schwuz.

Valentin Late Performs Cabaret with Camp Dad as Willkommen and BLEACH as Liza Minelli (2018) Valentin Late

Daddy Cool (2018) Boney M & Zack Villere- Cool, Gieza’s Pokehouse at Monster Ronsons, Dragaholic at Silver Future, Humboldthain University,

Die 4 U (2018) Perfume Genius & Eartha Kitt- voice excerpts Gieza’s Pokehouse at Monster Ronsons, 2018