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Nancy has been producing queer events since 2019 with the start of Venus Boys, Bollocks to Brexit, and The Camp Dad & BLEACH Show. In 2022 they produced the first TRANARCHY club night in Berlin, started to make An Evening with the Dames, and were the co-artistic director of: go drag! international drag festival celebrating women, trans and non-binary artists. In 2023 they co-curated the performance stage at Whole Festival and produced a lineup of immersive



ABout me

Hello, my name is Nancy and I am a mad tranny from the North of England. I grew up in an old industrial town in East Lancashire with lovely parents and a big sister. I spent a lot of my childhood painting, and going to Burnley Youth Theatre where I first enjoyed being on stage. I left home at 18 with head full of questions and a heart full of desire. After a year foundation in art where I got rejected from loads of Fine Art courses, I went to Brighton and studied Philosophy, Politics, and Art. The art there wasn't fine, it was actually really good. I learned a lot and expanded my horizons.

In 2018 I moved to Berlin because I´m a party girl and I love having fun. I was planning to return to academia for a masters degree in gender studies, however the course I desired stopped being an option when the state of Hungary made gender studies illegal. At the time I was giving free walking tours about Berlin´s tortured past, the historical resemblance was uncanny and unnerving.

I decided to sack off the academy and try to make a life as an artist, performing in drag, and creating queer community spaces, events and shows which bring to the fore voices which are not heard often enough. It takes many strings to make a bow fetch rent, so along with performance and production, I am also a graphic designer, MUA, model, and tattoo artist. My approach to performance mixes drag, clowning, song and dance, with makeup and costume. With my performances I want to experience the full scope of my being, on and off the stage, and embrace the entirety of my non-binary selves. The future is non-binary, after all.

I perform across Europe and in the North of England where I call home. Mainly active in Manchester, Paris, and Berlin.